Welcome to my portfolio! Take a look and feel free to get in touch if you’d like to discuss potential opportunities to work together. I am interested in collaborations with artists/companies/charities/businesses.



AR Design


Released in May 2018

Explore the memories of an artist who has uploaded their consciousness to a databank - in poetry form! Explore tales of fear, love and adventure - an app that will undergo many DLCs as memories trickle in slowly but surely!

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Coming Home - an AR Gamebook

March 2017 - Present

Coming Home is an AR Gamebook, tracking the mental and physical journey of an employee who has moved out of her childhood city to start her position at ANIMA – a company attempting whole brain emulation. How did we come across her account? Who else has read the book? What happened with the project?

And, perhaps the most pressing question of all: who really is she?

With the AR element of the book, you can choose how the story goes – either by unlocking overlaid pages or puzzles to acquire keywords to unlock different character and plot elements. This allows it to be read as a standalone book or a gamebook of multiple possibilities!

Teechu Gallery

January 2018

I wanted to make an interactive gallery with TeeChu products for quite a while now. With Lens Studio, I could make this an accessible reality! All you need is Snapchat and a Lens Link or Snapcode, then you can decorate your room with wonderful Geek and Gamer prints! If you’d like to see the names of the prints used for T-shirts, just tap and hold a print on the screen!

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January 2018

This is an Affirmations Lens I made in Snapchat - something uplifting that you can see in your present reality!

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Commute Poem

February 2018

A poem I made in Snapchat's Lens Studio, where the words can accompany you on your journey to work/school/college! Tap the words depending on your mood.

Link to Lens



Like all people, I wear many hats – some of them collect dust on a shelf, to be used in a Mr Benn-esque way should it be needed. Two things, however, have stuck: writing and games.

As a gamer, I started at 6 with the Mega Drive/Genesis- playing Streets of Rage, Sonic 1/2/3 and Knuckles, Street Fighter etc. going to the N64 days where it took up a lot of my childhood – to the present day!

For writing – I studied it at BA, MA and PhD. I wanted to be a writer around 6 years old (it must have been a busy year). I’ve loved writing plays, short stories, poems and novellas!

As a programmer – it’s been on and off since I was teaching myself QBasic at 9. 

My primary focus is on AR; enjoying the middle ground of the tangible and the digital. AR has given me so many freedoms and constraints to hone different creative skills and opportunities – alongside my writing projects.

I’m making AR Gamebooks, Cards and Models (the latter of which are toys that have AR narrative elements) - and I hope you enjoy what experiments I’m whipping up in the lab (or, more accurately, Unity/Snapchat/Zapworks). I've always enjoyed drawing (especially charcoal and ink), and after doing Inktober this year, I've decided to hand draw a lot of my assets and cards. Inking really relaxes me and I adore the monochromatic aesthetic!

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